Pig Knight by Notkastar

Pig Knight


20 August 2020 at 21:09:36 MDT

"Armor? Guns? Pants? Where's the fun in that?
You'd be surprised how far Briefs and a blade can take you
with a bit of tenacity!"

Artist Notes:
Breaking out my peep, Hamhawk!
Been playing a ton of trials in tainted space lately and
Ma latest peep's quite a fan of Swine Apples, Dood!

Going Mercenary this time and seeing how far I can
get fighting Aliens and robot with only a Broad Sword
and neat pair of briefs! (Turns out pretty far!╹‿╹)~★

Doodle Notes:
Cuddly and Pudgy, Dood!

Pudge is very squishy, Kinda like fudge!
It not only forms around what's pressing against it,
It swallows it, dood! When it comes clothing a peep
with pudge, tight places should be sinking in and
loose areas should be "a size too small" ya know?

When it comes to doodling pudgy peeps, Round out
that belly, Add a side of rolls to those love handles,
thicken the buns and thighs and you can't go wrong
with some bouncy pecs! ◠‿╹)~★