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Caged Canines by Notkastar

Caged Canines


Animation Location:

Tips And Tricks I learned From Making this, Dood!

What better way to pass the time till they find a way out!

Animation Notes:
First, exp with Source Filmmaker and I gotta say
I can see myself doing more of these! Still have
tons to learn not only with cinematography but,
with animation in general but I feel like this was
a fantastic first step into this kinda thing, Dood!

Now all I gotta do is figure out where I can find
some nude models!

Doodle Notes:
Animating in Source Film Maker &
The 3 point strategy, Dood! ◠‿╹)~★

Alrighty, Say you wanna animate a peep
jumping! First figure out how long it would
take for them to finish the action, Dood!
Let's say 5 seconds.

Make two keyframes,
One at the beginning at 0 seconds
and one at the end at 5 seconds.

Make a keyframe in the middle of them
with the peep in the air and there you go!
Peep Jumping!

Just polish it up with poses and you'll be
all set, m80! This style applies to just about
everything in source, So once you get the
gist of this you're all set to make your ideas
a reality, Dood!