Just Super★ by Notkastar

Just Super★


28 June 2020 at 07:14:28 MDT

"Names Supersonic- So on and so on, Just call me 'Super!"

Artist notes:
Mystic and Magnificent Purple, Dood!
A color perfect for a peep behind the scenes, A king you've
never seen or a reveal that could never be gleaned!
What I mean is Purple is on a heck of a great pick for pics
involving Mysteries & Reveals!

With the inherent mysticism, the color evokes, Using purple
in your work add a flavor of "whoa" you'd get from looking
up at the stary night sky!

Doodle Notes:
Anthrofication, Dood!

Take a good, hard look at the peep you had in mind,
What makes that peep That Peep. Every character
has defining features that make them their own character, Dood.

And once you find them you'll understand what feature you
would wanna add to your Dood!