Zatch's Trainer Outfit Update (Text version) by Notkastar

Zatch's Trainer Outfit Update (Text version)


30 April 2019 at 14:08:35 MDT

Like Zatch said, "They look nice, Don't they?" ╹‿╹) ~★

Artist notes:
Pretty sure this will come off a lot lewder then I intended but
whatever, ya know, Dood? Really love the look that style of that
type of 'Wear so I incorporated into Zatch's Trainer Outfit!
OwO's be hecked; I Like It! ◠‿╹) ~★

On a semi-similar note, I have to say drawing Machoke is a great
exercise for nailing down how to doodle buff peeps since dood just
has all the beef! ◠‿◠)

Some Lore on Zatch's Machoke:
Unlike his other Pokemon, This Peep doesn't have a Poke' Ball to call his own.
In fact when this 'Very' odd Machoke happened upon Zatch there wasn't even
a battle in the conventional sense. It was only after their first encounter that
the Machoke realized that is trainer could offer something no other trainer could.
Which inspired the Machoke to travel alongside Zatch not as pokemon
and trainer but, as close friends.

I wound what that thing could be, To be honest. ╹╹)~?