A Perfect Fit! (Doodle Mini Comic) by Notkastar

A Perfect Fit! (Doodle Mini Comic)


18 April 2019 at 13:10:50 MDT

In Max's Defence, He did "Find" them. ★T ‿T)

Artist notes:
The idea hit me about a week ago and I just couldn't stop giggling over it.
Thinking how amazing it would make for a mini comic strip. ◠‿◠)

Plus it'll be a good warm-up for when I get back to two comics I'm working on!
No, I haven't forgotten about them, Just going at a pace with 'em that won't
burn me out from the comic as a whole since there is still soooooooo~<3
much I wanna add to both of them but, just don't wanna scorch ya know?


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    Nice undies! ^u^