B's Brief Fitting by Notkastar

B's Brief Fitting


20 January 2019 at 16:15:37 MST

Dood's gotta cover his Koopa shells
Why not briefs?
Their comfy, Neat and Downright awesome!

Artist notes:
It has been a looooong time since I've Doodled The Big Spiky Dood and
It shows from the Design of him now and from before. Speeeee~aking of
which ╹‿╹)~★

Change Log:
-Slimmed him down a bit.
-Hips are Extra Thick
-Rounded out his head some more
-Pecs and Biceps are A LOT more defined
-Belly scaling is plusher
-Rearranged his Spiked Bracelets
-And I Turned his Shell into an ArmGuard

Also, Deepend up the colors a bit to make a more
mature visage. Honestly, I'm really loving the new look