Sudden Death by Notkastar

Sudden Death


13 January 2019 at 14:44:30 MST

Poison Dart Frog with With the Demon Spear!
What can get more deadly than that! ╹‿╹)
(Fun Fact: The Demon spear is a very fun weapon in the
Dragon Quest Series since it has a "12.5%(1⁄8) chance to
instantly slay any non-boss target upon contact")

Artist notes:
Like a bolt outta the blue here's froggy dood!
Been a while since I've doodled and peeps of the
amphibians sphere and thought I'd change that in
truly toxic fashion! ◠‿◠)

Combining that with my want to doodle the Demon
spear from Dragon quest I thought I might as well
go with the most lethal combo I think I've ever made!
"Poison Dart Frog with With the Demon Spear; Sudden Death!"

(Also Leaf briefs because I can't have him
running around in the buff and I couldn't
use the tongue to cover up the bits
since that...Well- It speaks for its self. T‿T)★