Icarus by noobat (critique requested)

Icarus (critique requested)


6 February 2014 at 09:19:50 MST

So here's Icarus. A full picture of him in his uniform for the FBI's aerial team. ouo;; Hes got another outfit outside of work, but this is the outfit you'll see him most in. He's a fire dragon elf, hence his firey colors. He loves flying, and is good at what he does. He's also very very smart. He went to college, attended the FBI Junior training program, and just fell in love with it. Then, he graduated college and went after his masters. He was very very close to being top in his class. Afterwards, he applied to the FBI. He wasn't taken in at first, but after a few years being a top detective in the police force, he was brought in. He's written a couple of books, and now works on several cases. He's Gabriel's partner, as Caine will only listen to Icarus. c: Caine kinda....Likes/loves Icarus, because Icarus kinda gets off to pain. XD So he's grown to love the man, and the other has grown to like him. x'3

Icarus and art © noobat

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