Primrose by Mystikmeep by noobat

Primrose by Mystikmeep


11 February 2014 at 10:42:56 MST

Bought for me by Linkaton. Just now posting here. XD

Name: Primrose Astar
Gender: Hermaphrodite (female leaning)
Species: Shigarnatari Bat
Relatives: Noobat
Age: 23
D.O.B.: September 23rd, 2052
Eye Color: Primrose

Intrests: Singing, traveling, seeing new things, trying different foods, diving off of giants ears or cliff sides, living life to the fullest, drawing, writing, and reading. She especially loves travelling with Noobat. She also loves being nude.

Dislikes: Clothes, liars, things that may harm her, boring things

A little bit about her:

Primrose is a nudest bat. She's a famous singer on her planet, but she travels to different planets with her brother, to seek thrills and see the sights. She hates wearing clothes, and loves her body. She is neither fat nor skinny, she's just right. She doesn't care who sees her body. One aspect that she has, from her planet, is being a speedster. Her mother was a wolf, who had superspeed from experimentations, and she inherited it. Noobat and her share the same father. She's an omnivore, while her brother is a herbivore. :D

She does have a temper, though is in control of it. She only fights when she feels threatened or feels Noobat or her friends are threatened. She has been trained to fight, and to harness her speed.

She's a thrill seeker, as she loves to dive off of giants (Tornraecs, Kisos, anything huge), loves exploreing certain...areas of female giants, and loves diving off of cliffs. She'll do anything that gives her a thrill.

She is into certain fetishes, and is addicted to sex, but she has no mate at this time. Her species tend to run around nude, only Noobat and a few others wear clothes. The species feels that clothes constrict movements, and make it difficult to fly, as well as the clothes do not mold with them when they go into a feral form, they just fall off. So, to prevent loosing clothes and feeling constricted, they do not wear clothes. Hermaphrodites are generally the dominant over males and females, and can reproduce asexually. However, they can have sex if they so wish. But they've evolved enough to reproduce asexually.

Art (c) Meep

Prim (c) Noobat

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    Nudist characters are among my favorite things, not even gonna lie. She sounds fantastic!

    • Link

      Thanks! :3 She's my first nudist character! :D Which makes things very interesting when it comes to her. X'D

      • Link

        I believe it! XD What inspired that?

        • Link

          I guess I'd been wanting to do something different with my characters, and expand what I had. I had plenty of mafia and federal agent based characters, as well as writing characters, and I wanted something completely different. Well, Meep was selling bats, and a friend bought Prim for me, and I decided she'd be a nudist, as it was different, and I felt it'd be fun and interesting to explore what I could do with her. And writing about a character with no clothes also makes things interesting, as it opens a whole new door!

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            That makes sense to me! I didn't know Meep was selling bats though. :O Actually I don't even know if I'm watching Meep, maybe I should fix that...

            A character who wears no clothes IS going to open a few doors, that's for sure. XD And turn a few heads! But thank you for answering my question. I know why the topic was relevant to my interests, but I was curious why it was relevant to yours. :D

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              LOL, You're welcome! Meep was selling bats, ages ago. Doing stuff like custom bats and bat adopts, but so many people wanted them, that she ended up closing it for the time being! D: I managed to get a custom of Noobat, and then Prim. But I'm not sure when she'll be open for them again.

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                Fair enough then! I shall bear that in mind for da future.