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A new way to get some Art of your character by me! by Nomax

A new way to get some Art of your character by me!


Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing alright. Got some fun news i want to talk about. As you probably noticed there haven't really been any commissions by me for the past 6 months or so, but that'll change!...Sort of...

With the Visual Novel being chipped away at, I realized that maybe there is a good way to get two birds with one stone. In some of the illustrated scenes I'll be needing some background characters, and well, who's got characters that they might want to see illustrated?! You, potentially!
So it is now a patreon perk to get added to the pool of "extras" for Conway basically. And whenever there is the need to have someone perhaps filling a table at a tavern, or hauling some cargo or whatever it may be, then someone will be drawn from the patrons in those tiers to take that spot.
So hey, if you'd like to have the chance to get some art of your character then that is now an option for the "Maritime Menagerie" tier and up over on my patreon:

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    It'd be kinda cool to have a character of mine being featured as a background character but I don't think I got a normal looking character that'd fit.

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      Generally I'll try my best to get characters to fit, but yes of course the world has specific rules of who inhabits it, so if it's only alien species for example then yes, that would be a bit of a problem.