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2020 Art Summary by Nomax

2020 Art Summary


Hey everyone, with the last upload done for the year i think it's time do our look back to this year.
As always with these, my favourite picture of each month, and october in this case winning the overall year.

While from a wellbeing standpoint it really has been a fantastic year for me and i'm very happy for that, artistically it's been a bit disappointing. I struggled to really come to grips with and understand the way forward that i wanted to see with my art, to the point where i would have a hard time deciding whether the 2019 art summary or this one is the better one.
I don't think that's necessarily much of a problem, sometimes we just follow wrong paths on our journeys after all, and need to tread those wrong paths before finding the right one. Though of course it's always a bit more annoying that just having it go smoothly. Hopefully 2021 i'll find the path that i'm looking for artistically, and at least the latter third or fourth of the year i had a good feeling of shaping up the right steps.

Thank you to all of you. Despite the issues that i personally had with my art, ultimately when viewed through just cold, hard, objective numbers it was the best year yet. So thank you everyone who stuck around, those who found me this year, who commissioned me, who hopped onto my patreon or got a print here and there. With the majority of my commissioners being just regular people in the furry fandom it really rings true that i couldn't do it without you. So thank you for the support given all these years. :)

Onto the next one and let's see how that'll go!

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