Forest with Waterfall by Nomax

Forest with Waterfall


23 February 2017 at 03:40:50 MST

Reuploaded from yesterday due to a little bit of confusion

(aaaaaahhhhh i'm running out of names!)

Commission done for Scottishbeef ,with both Keltus and Sephius_rivendare's characters and their mobile barking machine. Big thank you to Scottishbeef in particular in this case :) (all of them to be found on FA)

Fun project this one, i've drawn quite a few forest scenes at this point, or scenes with similar elements at least (i.e. trees, grass etc. ) and whenever i get a commission of that sort i just try to add a little bit more than the ones that came before. Whether it's more detailing, trying to get better lighting or whatever else, it just has to feel at the end like i added something that puts it above the predecessors. Not sure where i'm really going with this, but this one certainly feels to me like it fulfilled that step in several areas possibly. But it's also always difficult to judge a picture in the moment, so it'll be interesting to see how i look back at it a few months down the line.

Once again thank you to Scottishbeef
And Characters belong to Keltus on the left and Sephius_rivendare on the right

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    That's amazing pic!

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      Thank you :)

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    very beautiful. Also awesome work on the background!

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      thank you very much