Evolution of my Shading Process by NoelTheChristmasCat

Evolution of my Shading Process


1 April 2015 at 21:05:24 MDT

Catchup time. Here's a couple of slightly late additions from my DA page.

This is an example of what I got to turn the Star Melody request into a bit of a personal challenge about. There was something I wanted to break out my style into when this new year began, and I hadn't had a chance to really test it yet at the time. Past attempts at this were like hitting my head on a brick wall. I didn't have the skill or the know how and my style went against those sensibilities anyway.
When I took Geeligan's request, I took a risky stab and told him both options he had avaliable, and while it would take more time and there was doubt I could even pull it off, he was patient and asked me to try both so he could see what he liked. The first time I tried it, i got a pretty reluctant no, but we agreed to leave it til I finished it completely before we said for certain. When that happened, it felt like a 180. Geeligan kinda gave me a resounding praise and said most definitely to do this from here on out. As it went along his opinion didn't change, so I'd say this was a success, much as a journey through unknown territory as this was.
So here they are back to back for compare. It's been fun finally breaking out into that one on the right and I'm glad to have it at my disposal now. This new painted style is something I'm going to be applying to my more realistic works from here on out, Kanya, Trueghost and the like. The one on the left I'm gonna keep to some more cartoonish or anime projects, like Guilty Gear. Now that I've had sufficient practice with them, I may even do some tutorials up in the future of my rather ghetto methods of doing them, if anyones interested?

Character is Silvia Star from Star Melody (C) :icongeeligans-i-land:, drawn by request.

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    You art has come such a long way, scarf-kitty. It's a crime that this pic has so few views so far! I really am proud of how much you've grown as an artist, and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take your style in the future!^w^

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      It's been a pretty slow few months unfortunately, but hopefully I'll have some good examples up soon for you to see for yourself. It's been very trial and error lately. And I'm kind of used to the whole low viewcount with Weasyl. It doesnt have as large a community as say DA or FA yet, but give it time. It's certainly growing towards knocking it's main competition out of the ring.