Dead Net Island Map by NoelTheChristmasCat

Dead Net Island Map


14 April 2016 at 20:34:52 MDT

Ok, with the new theme, that old Noel on the couch picture is being retired, and this map is gonna be part of my new streaming notice from here on out. I figured I should upload it on it’s own, just so people could fav it/see it in detail when I’m not streaming, cause it was a lot of fun to make. Like I said when I did up the Kanya world map, I used to make dozens of these as a kid and it was kinda my speciality. That’s why I find it ironic that this one, proving I definitely still got it, is such a spoof! But anyway...

Dead Net Island is a frightening place that all game streamers, sailing the illustrious wide web, must brave at one time or another on the road to success. It just so happens that the unlucky Jean du Cassowary has come across a detailed map and history of what to expect there, having visited himself:

The island is devoid of civilized life, save for the survivors of the crashed galleon HMS Comcast, which ran aground at the north of the island long ago. The survivors were split into two tribes: the savage and cannibalistic Optusa pirates, who inhabit the bleak off peaks, and the civil but xenophobic Telstranites, who have made Fort Explodo, an old pirate base, their home.
It is a barren and uncivilized land, with an air of black magic and oppression! But if one can follow Jean’s map and avoid the mystical perils of the Optusa and Telstranites, and find their way to the core of the island… then a worthy prize awaits!

Am I laying it on a bit thick? Well allow me to seal the deal – notice anything about the shape of the island? Maybe look at it in the mirror?... Yes, it’s no coincidence that this bleak, uncivilized island in the middle of nowhere a hundred years behind the times bears an uncanny resemblance to ANOTHER bleak, uncivilized island in the middle of nowhere a hundred years behind the times!

Not that I would know anything about living in a place like that…

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