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LLST #8 ~ Hot Shot by Nivularium

LLST #8 ~ Hot Shot


[ Summary: ]

A traveling duelist gets more than she bargained for in the town of Val’En.

[ Characters: ]
[ Emaatet | Spoiler ]

[ ~4000 words ]

I’ve been hopping on and off of this for over a year, and I honestly spent a lot of time thinking I’d just give up trying to make it work. But the last few months have been very good for me in terms of writing, and saving old projects. Creating Emaatet really helped as well, and I look forward to finding places for her to be.

This was originally intended to focus on showing off one character from an outside perspective, but with the change of putting a named character in that outside role, it kinda morphed into also establishing Emaatet’s personality. I’m okay with that, and I think it does both well enough.

I honestly feel like this is some of my best writing to date. I was hesitant to let it get as long as it did, since my ability to focus tanks hard around 3k words, but it went a lot better than expected and I’m glad I didn’t try to cut it down or chop it into parts.

I’m pretty chuffed with this, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Characters are mine
Agrisians, Fioans & Lost Legends setting (C) Elray

(C)~Nivulus 2021