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LLST #7 ~ In-Laws [Pt.2b] by Nivularium

LLST #7 ~ In-Laws [Pt.2b]



[ Summary: ]

Niv learns the hard way how his father-in-law truly feels

[ Characters: ]
[ Niv | Sab ]

[ ~2100 words ]

Last part. I am honestly happiest with this portion of the story, as it has most of the elements that spurred the whole thing. I’ve been waiting about a year to see them all together and in place. I think it's the best bit.

I feel a strong urge to just outright explain several things across all parts, because I’m worried they won’t land as intended. But that’s not really something I can control after a certain point. It’s not that I don’t trust the reader to catch on, it’s that I don’t trust myself to give them the right tools.

Niv & Sab are mine
Fioans & Lost Legends setting (C) Elray

(C)~Nivulus 2021