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LLST #5 ~ In-Laws [Pt.1] by Nivularium

LLST #5 ~ In-Laws [Pt.1]



[ Summary: ]

Niv worries that his new dad secretly hates him, hires a private investigator (...sort of)

[ Characters: ]
[ Niv | Sab | Mela ]

[ ~1900 words ]

This is a little bit of time travel, all parts take place about a year or two before present-day. It was kinda necessary. This one is a pretty important story for me. It’s the biggest, most ambitious thing I’ve written for a long time, and there’s a strong venting aspect involved. It also does some other, important things, which will be useful for later work.

I feel this is the weakest of the three parts, especially the first half. It wound up being more functional establishment than anything else, just making way for the ‘real’ story. Still prefer to have it, personally.

Niv, Mela & Sab are mine
Fioans & Lost Legends setting (C) Elray

(C)~Nivulus 2021