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LLST #6 ~ In-Laws [Pt.2a] by Nivularium

LLST #6 ~ In-Laws [Pt.2a]



[ Summary: ]

Niv finds out the truth, but not how he expected

[ Characters: ]
[ Niv | Sab ]

[ ~2100 words ]

I decided to split part two in half because A) it was easier to write two installments at ~2k words each, and B) there’s a perspective shift halfway through anyway. Putting them together would make that more jarring, I feel. There’s more room for that transition to occur this way.

I feel really self-conscious about the dialogue coming off clunky and bloated, but Sab uses a lot of words to say stuff, and he had big things to say. So I stand by my choices. Most of them, anyway.

Niv & Sab are mine
Fioans & Lost Legends setting (C) Elray

(C)~Nivulus 2021