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✦ Welcome to my profile ✦

✦ Niklas / Nik | NB (He/They) | Rabbit | Gay | Taken since 29.09.21 | Football Coach | Forever A Wyoming Boy | Sports and Energy Drink Addict ✦

✦ One thing you should know abou tme is that I am a die-hard sports fan. Anything from football to soccer to rugby to NASCAR, I will watch anything. I also coach youth football in the summer and do

play-by-play commentary for my local basketball and football programs! ✦

✦ My notes are always open, however, I prefer Discord, Twitter, or Telegram! Links to those will be at the bottom of my bio! I am always looking to make new friends here in this community! ✦


🥕 Niklas Koskinen 🥕#8809

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This is an update for all my accounts. From July 28 to either August 7 or August 12, I will be in Oregon with my family. This means that drawings might not be uploaded very often (as if I ever have a consistent schedule anyway lol) so if I disappear from the dark for this time frame, you now know why. We are still planning shit out, but we are certainly going to be in Oregon within a few weeks. Just thought I'd update everyone now rather than update everyone at the last minute.

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