Kinkajou - Artists for the Amazon by NightWolf714 (critique requested)

Kinkajou - Artists for the Amazon (critique requested)


26 February 2020 at 01:17:54 MST

So an amazing artist known as Silvixen Silvixen created a project known as Artists for the Amazon. It's a charity fundraising project of a book featuring artwork of various Amazon animals to, well, help the amazon! Of course I wanted in on this. Kinkajous are underappreciated despite being adorable little fellas, so I thought it would be a good chance to draw one.

I tried out a different coloring style for this one to give a more painterly look to it. I think for a first try it turned out well. I also like just how silly this lil' guy looks. Not to mention realistic, which is something I'm really trying to get better about.

I didn't end up in the main book. (No surprise there, limited entries got in and there were a lot of amazing artists who submitted things!) I did, however, get into the complete entries companion magazine so that's super amazing. :D

Fundraiser is located here:

I also wouldn't mind critiques on this since there's so much that's new in this picture. Please and thank you!

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