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F2U Longhaired Cat Lineart by Nightsabra

F2U Longhaired Cat Lineart


All right! My best friend wanted me to draw her in cat form, so I ended up trying to draw a floofy cat. Quite frankly, I don't think it came out well enough for it to be P2U, so I just made it free!

To use:
— Save the image from here or feel free to send me an email requesting the HQ lineart. (
— Open in whatever program you may use (I prefer GIMP - It's free and makes coloring lineart easy)
— If you are using GIMP, go to Color -> Color to alpha -> Make it completely white -> Click OK
(I cannot help you with other programs - please don't ask)
— Your lineart should be on a separate layer, add a new WHITE (or whatever background you want) layer
— Make a new layer in between (this is where you color) and you're good to go!


If you use it, feel free to send me your completed work - I would love to see!

DO NOT REMOVE MY COPYRIGHT. You will be banned from all future lineart if you do so.