Alternate Class - Gambler by Nightfire

Alternate Class - Gambler


8 July 2016 at 19:49:34 MDT

At first glance a Gambler does not seem like the kind of individual who can hold their own in battle - this unassuming nature is just one of the Gambler's tools.

Gamblers while not casters themselves, make use of enchanted items to unleash magic on their foes - most commonly magical dice and magical decks of cards, where each card in the deck or combination of dice represents a different spell. Gamblers thrive on being unpredictable, always keeping opponents on their toes and guessing at what might happen next. Effective Gamblers are capable of thinking many moves ahead, often luring opponents into situations that seem in their favor, only to turn the tables at the last moment.

To his foes, the Gambler seems lucky, but to the Gambler, that's just the game.

The inspiration for :iconToby:'s class came from thinking up a twist on his existing one - going from a supportive class to a more offensive one, in both circumstances Toby doesn't really have magic himself, but makes use of magic items (potions to enchanted items)

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