Beyond the Veil by Ageaus by nightdragon0

Beyond the Veil by Ageaus


29 August 2019 at 22:47:15 MDT

Commissioned from  Ageaus
A style of commission he offers. Go in through one end of the portal, emerge as something else!

“Whoa hey! Where’d this portal…rarghh!”


“Grrr…stop fighting me brother!”

Arysdron blinked, coming to a halt. The sky was gone. Where he was now was a cavern. Was the sky ever even there?


“Did you hit your head again?” His right brother snapped. “Seriously, you two make me do all the work!”

Growl! Sniff! Sniff!

“Prey here. Food here.” The left head jerked about, the acidic saliva already drooling from his jaws.

His brothers? He was…a hydra?

“Was I…we…” The middle head begun.


“No, nothing.” He shook his head. They couldn’t have been flying, they didn’t have wings.

For a moment, he felt as though he was something else. But that couldn’t be, he’d always been here with his brothers. They were part of the same body after all. He’d…they’d always been a hydra.

“Fine then, I’m taking over!”

“Gargh!” The middle head’s feeling of their body dissipated as his right brother took full control.

Now he could only feel up to his neck and was just along for the ride. Middle head went along with it. He wasn’t in the mood for fighting his brothers for control right now. Plus, their left brother was hungry as usual. He would never let them get any sleep until they were satisfied.....

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