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Well now... by Nicnak044

Well now...


...I'm certainly looking forward to drawing more mushy things x3

Actually can't deal with the fact I've met the most sweetest guy ever..and art isn't enough to repay for all this kindness I've received lately. Its so overwhelming and unreal, but I'm totally not complaining blush It's a really great feeling.

Anyway, I won't make a fool of myself on here, I do that enough in real life x'D Let the art speak for itself; I suck at words. xD

So I tried to go with a Lingrimm feel here. Love their work, love the mood their technique brings to each piece.

I dunno, right now I'm in an experimenting stage with my art...I think. Work has really opened my eyes to a variety of styles, technique, etc. I don't want to stray away too much from my style, as I think I'm in a good place for it..I could push posing more though (then again, the numerous sketches I did of this particular piece were a lot more stiff compared to the final result, so thats good!) I want to find new ways to shade, ink, etc. It'll be a journey for the next little while, but hopefully I find something that tickles my fancy (ew. I've never used that term...I don't like it lmao xD)

Until then, enjoy what you see! :D And I'm always open to suggestions/refs/etc too, just poke me on twitter or something. I'm always on that. FA's been slow lately, and I apologize for that. I know this isn't a commission xD
Some fox has been taking up all my free time between work :P

Artwork&Nicole©Me, nicnak044
Dashwood© foxjump

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    I liked how you did the expressions, nice job!~

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    Expression are ace. Super cute stuff!

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    This is so sweet. :) Both characters look so happy and relaxed!

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      Hehe, they definitely are <3

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    Aww, such cuties <3

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    Ummm so this is the cutest thing ever! You did a great job on the poses and the expressions too (:

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      Oh gee x'D
      Thank you!

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        You're very welcome bud (:

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    They look so happy 8]

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      They totally are :3

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        Whit lover near that is not strange 8]