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Gravewalker pipey by neubauje

Gravewalker pipey


In Morphicon 2011, Gravey and I did an art trade- I made this pipey of her, and she made a felty of me! It's an adorable little needlefelted model, all soft and such. I still treasure it to this day :3

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    Oh you are on here too! I'm the wire artist we met at Morphicon! Are you going to be there again this year? I'm going to be!

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      Yep, I'll be there, helping out with the Dealer's Den and art track. I don't suppose you'd be interested in running any panels?

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        PROBABLY not lol I would have no idea what to do or say, and we are SWAMPED right now. I'm moving to a new apartment, and haven't even started packing yet, not to mention I haven't really started restocking yet, and am working on a graphic novel simultaneously with everything and working on getting our website finished, AND doing t-shirt transfer designs hahah its been a crazy year, but I am very excited to see everyone again! I may be applying to athrocon too I've decided if they have any space for me left. i have to get the tax license though.

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          Good luck with that, it can be a little annoying. For this year, I think they only have certain more expensive tables left available to buy, like the ones with power or a wall.

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            Yea right now they only have half tables, and I don't understand the tax thingy so much yet. I got a response and was linked to where to register but it seems so confusing. We are going to mess with it tomorrow. We DO want power anyways though since I use square for a lot of our transactions.