Aldagar The Yorkie by Nepenthe

Aldagar The Yorkie


11 April 2016 at 15:04:33 MDT

Here's an update to my business's mascot and the closest thing I have to a fursona right now: Aldagar, aka Al, aka blonde biscuit, aka a mess of a confused, half-blind, beat-up yorkshire terrier. You may have seen this guy running around FWA this year and I hope he entertained you! He features:

  • Fully lined, balaclava style build, with the balaclava being custom made out of quilted broadcloth (a Matrices hallmark). First time trying it and I'm satisfied with how cool and dry it keeps things! Will continue using this for lining!
  • Plastic mesh eyes, which I find are better at dealing with light glare and low light levels than buckram is.
  • Fleece teeth and sewn in hair- more firsts!
  • Anti-pill fleece tongue and ears.
  • Holes in the ear and a scar above the eye- evidence of being bullied by bigger dogs.
  • Asymmetrical expression and facial construction.

The biggest accomplishment with this guy is that he was made in the three days before the con! What started out as a refurb of my older head sadly had to be scrapped for something new, and I think I rose to the challenge quite well! So imagine what I can do with more time, eh? ;3 If this impresses you and you're interested in getting a suit from me, I'm open right now (details in the next submission)! And I'll remain open simply until slots are filled!

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    He looks great - what an adorable scruffbag :)