Dencer The Dog by Nepenthe

Dencer The Dog


30 December 2015 at 21:17:56 MST

My first fursuit commission! This is Dencer, although he's gone by a few other names- Craig, TealDog, and my personal favorite, X-Head. He features super wiggly ears, a nose with working nostrils, exchangeable tongues, vinyl pawpads and claws, and seal and bunny shag furs!

This was a wonderful experience working with Mawteef! She picked the awesome color scheme and was really patient and understanding with me. Here's hoping to some awesome memories!

Can't forget the bad video tax.

If you'd like a suit from me, then start saving up! I open up in March 2016!


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    Nice to see this fella finished, he came out very well!! I can't wait to see more suits from you, you have a fun shape and stylization with 'em