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Aww Sugarcube by nekophoenix

Aww Sugarcube


27 January 2020 at 14:09:08 MST

Watercolour | Rainbow Dash & Applejack (no access to scanner, so photo it is!)

You know, I was always a flutterdash shipper, but I'm not in the least bit upset about this!

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    Your photo does good service to your art, so scanner=not necessary. :)

    This is really pretty! :)

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      I might start avoiding the scanner all together - it really does ruin the colours of my pieces!
      Thank you :3

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        I've noticed that, too. I've started taking photos (mostly at work, where I have good overhead lighting) and then just using my iPhone's filters to adjust the color most of the time. Anything still too weird, I take into Clip/Manga Studio and adjust in there.

        Scanners are never fair to artists. I only had one really good scanner and that was way back before they got cheaper and lasted a lot less in time and quality of scans. wry laugh

        You're very welcome! :D

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          I'm just so glad it's not just me! I did take a photo that kinda worked today but still wasn't quite as bright or as accurate as I'd like... I'll have to find an overhead light like you have to see if it would help :)

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            I know the iPhone will "auto-change" a lot of things (light, angle, focus) and sometimes when editing you do have to turn off auto at times to get a better picture. The only problem is, try to find just a slight inclined surface to take at a slight angle or you'll get the "shadow" of the phone over your drawing, too. :)

            It's pretty easy to fix. Just even putting like an eraser under the top edge of a heavy piece of paper (or put cardboard, sketchbook, etc. underneath thinner pages) to tilt it even just slightly and take the picture at that angle should prevent you from getting a phone-shadow. :)