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2 October 2018 at 11:10:59 MDT

2nd of Inktober
I still feel like death. I wonder if it’s obvious.

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    I so love your inking. :)

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      I am so pleased you do! I rarely do it outside of inktober, so I'm glad people aren't just here for the colours :3!

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        I know what you mean...........I honestly prefer B&W and inks, but they rarely get attention outside of Inktober it seems! (There should seriously be more than my faves on these things, because they're that awesome!) :)

        I think it's awesome how you do clothing patterns with the lines and hatching and all--so old school and unappreciated in today's digital age, but it's the art I grew up with! :D

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          Honestly, if it wasn't for Inktober I think I too would be neglectful of lines and inking techniques - one of the great things about the challenge is that it's really been forcing me to think about it in a different way, as it's own standalone, entirely finished thing rather than just lines with which to contain colour, if that makes sense

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            I'm good with hatching and stippling.........but when it comes to using patterns to make clothing and colors, my ink skills start to suffer--so I try to do what I can with just hatching and stippling. I have a friend who can do patternwork like from a screentone sheet all by hand--it's amazing!

            If I had an artistic job choice, I'd love to just be an, a few friends have let me ink their art for them and it's been tons of fun. And in the past couple years, I discovered a lovely Japanese brush pen that I can buy at Michaels and Hobby Lobby (an actual pen that works like a real inking brush!!!)--which lets me do a lot of portable things that I don't have to drag a brush and inkwell out for. :)

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              One of my pens for inking is a brush-tipped one too - it can create lovely effects! It's th'one I used for the big, shaky outlines of 'Worry"

              Stippling is so time consuming - I seriously admire the patience of anyone who can do it!

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                I know! Sometimes I do get lazy and use a bigger tip pen in my stippling—just to cover more area faster! XD

                I love using my brush pen for hair and fur, because I can get some really feather-light strokes with it! :)