October Lanterns by nekophoenix

October Lanterns


17 September 2015 at 09:25:25 MDT

keofoxglove commissioned me for a new character design :3
They showed me a couple of colour palettes and said they wanted a feline or a nekomata with a theme of autumnal/witchy/halloweeny without being over the top halloweeny, so I came up with this, based upon lanterns against a twilight/dusky, cloud strewn sky :3

I also put some little autumn florals in her hair for fun - her hair is messy and choppy with curls and dreads here and there 'cause I know Keo likes her short haired characters but I wanted to make it like a kinda woodland witch at the same time! It can of course be changed by Keo if it doesn't suit!

I do hope you like how she turned out, I had a lot of fun designing her!


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    This is a really cute design!! You did a great job with the witchy halloween vibe without making it SPOOKY SCARY - she works well for halloween but looks versatile enough to be used outside that season.

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      Ahhh! That makes me so happy to hear!!