Kardo, the Sinarii pilot by Neinna-Maranwe

Kardo, the Sinarii pilot


4 August 2017 at 03:25:12 MDT

Aqua fuzzy reptile alien pilots, y'all

The past 4 or so days have been nothing but seething rage and failed google searches to get things to happen correctly in Spore. I fucking hate that game now, but I'm gonna keep going anyway. So here's my ship captain, Kardo. He's a Sinarii, my Spore creatures that have been reworked and renamed slightly since I last played in 2013, and like 2008 before that.

He's upbeat, adventurous, and a damn fine pilot. He basically always has his hat and earrings on, and the shoulder-things and medallion complete his outfit. His large, somewhat short wings allow him to get off the ground quickly, and his claws allow for easy climbing. The tail fin and sail help control movement in flight. Purple spice is his favorite. As the lead pilot of the fleet, he's the face of his people and tries to represent them as best he can, showing that bravery, loyalty, and strategy can take down any foe. He has a soft spot for industrial tribes, especially if they're underdogs. He considers friendly (female voice, whatever archtype that is) Ashonas to be his best allies. He's like 5'5'' at the top of the head in the picture.

But really, who cares, cuz this game is infuriating.

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