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Midnight Alt Outfit by Void-Lizard

Midnight Alt Outfit


17 August 2017 at 06:30:14 MDT

Finally got around to making a good reference for Midnight's alternate outfit. This is actually my real-world costume I did! Taking it to the Renaissance Festival next month.

The outfit consists of-
black sweatpants
a black t-shirt I modified to have very large sleeves
black gloves (to my wrist, but the sleeves are a bit longer than normal)
my cloak with gold clasp
a silky black balaclava to hide my neck and hair
a black fake leather plague doctor mask
black shoes
a necklace consisting of red suede cord and a vial of black and red glitter
red paracord braided and tied around a loop at the end with a black and red dyed tail (it's so fluffy!)
a black and red cloth folding fan from last year's RenFest.

It's a little annoying to breathe through the mask, but better once I removed the plastic over the eyes that it came with. Hopefully it'll be better outside walking around the fair. I got a white mask recently and also made a hat from cardboard and spare cloak materials. I would have used better stuff, like maybe some flexible plastic, but I don't have any currently and it was also just to see if I was able to make a hat on my own. Worked out decently.

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