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Superted Height Reference by Natter45

Superted Height Reference


21 February 2014 at 20:21:39 MST

A while back you may recall a character reference of superted in angled shots.

Well this time around it's another character sheet from the same area, this time however it is the character height sheet of the main cast of the original Series. With all 5 members on the one height scale. Showing how tall each character is supposed to be in the tv series.

I know that Superted is 3"5' (3 foot 5 inches) tall however i'm gonna take a guess at the others at how high they all are.

Superted - 3"5'
Spotty - 5"3'
Bulk - 5"2'
Texas Pete - 5"6'
Skeleton - 5"2'

That's what i'm guessing at for their heights. Anyway if you want to see the original reference the link is here ->
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Superted, Spotty, Bulk, Skeleton and Texas Pete belong to Mike Young created for Siriol Animation for the S4C channel.