Unlikely Allies by Nambroth

Unlikely Allies


17 February 2014 at 12:19:41 MST

I have played D&D exactly twice.
The first time was fun, but cut short because it was with friends that were visiting for only a short while.
The second time was over my birthday, when a few friends came to visit. Our DM allowed us to play 'monsters' with some modifications to make them more balanced. It was a week's worth of complete shenanigans!

While playing, Rah-Bop drew a fantastic lineart of our characters!! She graciously allowed me to color it. The lineart is ALL hers, please go visit her gallery, it will blow you away. http://rah-bop.deviantart.com/

From left to right: Rah-Bop's Kenku, Rue... Vantid's Tengu, Reyliss; and my Couatl, Cenchria (I based Cenchria on a rainbow boa and a bronze-winged pionus).

Ink (by Rah-Bop) with digital color by myself.

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    Oh my gosh is that a python with feathers? I love it!!!

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    These characters are amazing!

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    Holy crap you're right, their is amazing! This is a wicked awesome collab between the 2 of you, their fantastic inkwork and your beautiful colors.

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    Quetzalcoatl perhaps? :3 Is she only really on DA?

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    Man, I super dig the colors here, ahhh. The poses are nice and lively too!