Short-Eared Owl Mask by Nambroth

Short-Eared Owl Mask


16 June 2015 at 09:18:51 MDT

A perky Short-eared Owl mask! Resin base by ; altered and finished by myself.

This mask will be up for sale at the Anthrocon art show next month! If you are interested but not attending, they do allow proxy bidding, if you have a friend that is going. :)

Short-eared Owls range across much of the world, and can be found in North and South America, Eurasia, and even some oceanic islands. Despite their large range, and common occurrence in some local areas, they are under special concern in some areas and are actually classified as endangered in part of their range in the USA. This is known as a "common bird in steep decline", and is a note of alarm for scientists, as the reasons for decline are not always simple or straightforward.
The Short-eared Owl hunts both day and night, and generally does not show its "ear" tufts unless feeling defensive or threatened. I love those little ears so much that I had to add them anyway. Maybe this mask is always startled?!

Allergy information: Made in a home that has a cat and parrots. Also see materials list.
Materials: Cured resin shell, faux fur, glue, epoxy, acrylic eyes, acrylic paint and sealer, dye based inks, elastic bands, upholstery foam padding (with felt lining), thread.
Info: This is a smaller resin base with hinges close to the face. I recommend it for heads 23" or less. The jaw is articulated but the movement is not 'snappy' or super sensitive to the jaw, and is padded slightly by the fur. (In a nutshell: it works but isn't very sensitive). Smaller-framed glasses might be okay in this but only at your own risk.
If you have any questions just let me know, or check out the detailed info sheet I will have with this mask at the AC art show!

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