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A mature conversation


29 March 2019 at 17:43:28 MDT

Yeah... Annlyn can be really childish when she wants to be, and poor Pudding has to try and reel her in so that the business can run properly. Thankfully, Pudding is good at what he does and Annlyn usually gets over it after a few minutes. But, Annlyn... stop standing on the tables. Why do you need to tower over the Food Souls when you're talking to them??

Pudding: "Master Attendant please... don't do this!"
Annlyn: "It's too late Pudding. I have the high ground now."
Pudding; "I'm sorry, but you can't open a pet daycare in the restaurant, it's not sanitary."
Annlyn: "Hmph!"
Pudding: "I'll help you come up with a better alternative, please get off the table. There's no need to stand on furniture."
Annlyn: "... Very well."
Pudding: "Thank you."

Not going to lie, a pet daycare sounds like a great idea, Pudding why do you need to stop her ideas?

Food Fantasy belongs to Elex
Annlyn belongs to me

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    is that a McFucking star wars reference??
    also i can see here that she just likes to be tall

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      star wars?? you fucking nerd?? what reference?
      she stands on the table, to assert her dominance over the food souls (not that she actually has, to stand on a table... She the BOSS, and they'll usually do what she says without question, though some might bitch and moan)
      but seriously... star wars?? you. fucking. NERD. Who let you into my comment section? I'm calling the police.

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        its along these lines but it might not be exact bc this is just by memory:

        obi wan: its over anakin!! i have the high ground
        anakin: you underestimate my power
        anakin: jumps at him, does a cool flip
        obi wan: instantly cuts off all of anakins limbs
        obi wan: get rekt pussy

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          you are such a fucking nerd, get out of my comments. Who let you in here? Where did you even come from? Get your ass back to space before I personally yeet you there myself.