Saurian Redesign Doodles by MysteryBBQ (critique requested)

Saurian Redesign Doodles (critique requested)


30 January 2014 at 13:11:41 MST

I meantioned in the journal I posted yesterday that I've been thinking of doing a bit of a redesign with my saurian characters to make them a bit more lizardly. I was just getting tired of them looking like normal human with scales and strange faces.

On the far left is basically what they look like right now. Next is my first attempt to make them more "feral" looking, but it was kind of too bulky and over-muscled... SO I made a slimmer version which otherwise pretty much the same.

After a few attempts to make a decent looking female version based on that second design I just couldn't get anything that worked for me. I wanted to avoid giving the males and females totally different shapes so I made a third sketch, this one with a bit more of human spine alignment than the others while keeping a more lizard-y posture: neck connects to back of head, not the bottom; tail flows down from the spine, not out at an angle; more bent legs.

Finally I was able to make a female variant based on that with I don't hate, so it looks like the final design with mostly resemble the two figures on the upper right. Still, I'm not one hundred percent pleased and it will take some more work to get this to a place I'm really happy with, but it's a start.

This will go in scraps eventually.

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