Business deal by Mycotae

Business deal


21 November 2018 at 15:35:43 MST

"The old hag was unpleasant to be around. She wasn't much of a talker, and had a habit of being less than amicable to strangers. But she had the real thing- real magic- for whatever purpose you wanted, no questions asked. Almost.

Each bottle came with a stern warning, spoken in that hissing low voice of hers:

"Price is for the brew alone. The spirits, the herbs and the fungi will demand their own share in time, and you better be prepared.

No refunds."

No one ever asked for a refund. Everything has a price in the end."


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    Awesome illustration, I love the fur on the character, the facial expression, and all the stuff on the table! It's a very cool piece!

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      Aaahhhh thank you so so much!! :D