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Hello there!
My name is Katelynn. I have been drawing Digitally for three and a half years. I'm originally from deviantArt, but I soon migrated to Tumblr and Furaffinity. I love being apart of an online art community and I love all the people in it. I love making friends and I love getting to know people. So don't hesitate to talk to me!

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Information On My Updated Commission System

Check my commission journal to see the changes :
I have made it so every commission I get will be precise and have all the details needed.
Recently a situation has come up that has made me wary about doing commissions.
Someone commissioned me $50 worth of chibis back in January. Then, on the 24th of this month, they opened a dispute and asked for a refund even after I did their commissions. I don't know how they even saw the transaction since it was so far back. They also opened disputes with other artists and for adoptables they already purchased. They claim that their paypal account got hacked, but they also got in trouble because they were using their parents card without permission. Now they're not allowed on the computer, and their brother posted to someone about the situation, you can read it all here :

The changes I've made are few but they are important.
Commissioners are now required to state that they verify and agree on the transaction. They are also expected to add their deviantart name in a note when sending the money to my paypal. That way if they open a dispute, I can prove that the paypal account is linked to the deviantart account, and that the work was already given. I will be taking screenshots of notes for transactions. That way I have more proof of purchase.

Other things have been revamped, and made easier.
I added a commission form that a commissioner must fill out when inquiring about a commission. I updated my terms of service. I changed the display of my commission information page to make it easier to read and follow. I also added buttons that redirect to the specific commission item. And I have also updated the information and example images on my commission account.

It's very difficult to trust people on websites. And I try my best to give trust to everyone. But when a situation like this comes up, it makes a person wary or nervous. The minute it happened I quickly said "I wont be doing commissions anymore" That was a bit rash but it's how I felt. Then I decided "Okay, I'll do commissions but I'll only accept gifts" but that itself is against paypal t.o.s. and could get my account in trouble. So with some advice, I set up a new system for me and my commissioners. And I hope this also brings awareness to you guys, and you all should think about ( if you haven't already ) making a more secure system for transactions. It's easy to get scammed.

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Detailed Colored Chibi
$ 20.00
Easy Chibi
$ 10.00
Simple Colored Chibi
$ 15.00

Custom Adoptables

Custom Adoptable Version 1
$ 10.00
Custom Adoptable Version 2
$ 15.00
Custom Adoptable Version 3
$ 20.00

Floaty Doll

Couple Floaty Doll
$ 16.00
Single Floaty Doll
$ 8.00

Full Body / Thigh Up

Detailed Colored Full Body / Thigh Up
$ 35.00
Simple Colored Full Body / Thigh Up
$ 25.00


Detailed Colored Headshot
$ 10.00
Simple Colored Headshot
$ 5.00


Icon Style 1
$ 10.00
Icon Style 2
$ 8.00
Icon Style 3
$ 10.00

Mini Cheeb

Detailed Colored Mini Cheeb Style 1, 2 or 3
$ 5.00
Simple Colored Mini Cheeb Style 1, 2 or 3
$ 5.00

Page Doll

Detailed Colored Page Doll
$ 20.00
Simple Colored Page Doll
$ 15.00

Reference Sheet

Reference Sheet Version 1
$ 15.00
Reference Sheet Version 2
$ 30.00

Simple Artwork

Simple Artwork
$ 15.00

For more information on my commissions and examples, please click the link :



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