Isabelle in her Armor by MviluUatusun (critique requested)

Isabelle in her Armor (critique requested)


9 June 2021 at 18:37:29 MDT

This drawing is the drawing of Isabelle in her armor. This is a close-up of the bottom half of this drawing ( It shows in greater detail the armor and how it fits her body. The inspiration for her skirt came from the uniform of Roman legionnaires. The helmet is based loosely on the English army helmets of the Middle Ages. She doesn't wear full gloves because they would hinder her ability to hold her sword. The only protection her hands have is a bit of her armor that covers the back of her hand. The red paint is her personal battle markings similar to what Native Americans would wear into battle. It also helps to distinguish her from other warriors in the heat of battle allowing subordinates to know to whom they are speaking during a lull in the battle. The holes in the helmet at her ears allows her to hear anything said to her without removing her helmet. The holes at her mouth allow her to breathe more easily when she is exerting herself in battle.


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    Interesting. Light armor, speed, flexibility, durability, strength, good presence, commanding, and hopefully huggable in peaceful times.

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      Oh, she is. Just read the short story "Beyond Appearances" to find out more about Princess Isabelle.