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Project PPC: Hearts and Hooves 2017 pt1 -PSketch- by mscherbear

Project PPC: Hearts and Hooves 2017 pt1 -PSketch-


24 October 2021 at 07:52:58 MDT

  • Submission: Project
  • Comments: Return of Mission Belle, Silver Strand & Rockwell; the little mascots of an organization/events/conventions Pacific Pony Con in SD - new art for 2017, art for PPC 2017 Hearts and Hooves [ Valentine's Day ]!
  • Notes: Original concept design of Mission Belle by me. Original concept design of Silver Strand & Rockwell by members of PAC of Order of the Friendship. Mission Belle, Silver Strand & Rockwell are the OC mascots property of Pacific Pony Con & Order of the Friendship.
  • Sketch: TBA
  • Color: TBA

  • Medium(s):
    Paint Tool SAI

  • Time length: Unknown