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CherBear's Thoughts: 2018-2020

on 10 June 2021 at 23:14:37 MDT

Hello all!

Its been a while, a long while, since April 2018 since I had my thoughts scared. So much has happened & where to begin...I just don't know, So I will briefly sum it up.

Gaming - So...I guess the interesting part is since playing Audition Online NA server : Redbana, I've been still fascinated by the people who come & go. More importantly connecting with new people. Granted, I miss my friends from the past, it gave an opportunity to meet new people. Speaking of losing and gaining, I guess its interesting to see a friendship broken get rebuilt again. It gives me optimism that anything is possible. Granted, these are all people online but I've always felt regardless of online and local real life, these are bonds made. So what games am I playing currently? I took a break from WoW : Shadowlands, playing Genshin Impact and FF14. On top of getting a Switch to play ACNH, Pokemon Sword, and Pokemon Snap. Been keeping myself mentally preoccupied...why well...there's more to my story.

Art - I have had been doing commissions, fulfilling them when I can but I continue to always create something. I've been wanting to start new collaboration projects with my friend from France. Hopefully I'll be able to share the ones we've done so far ontop of my commissions I've done.

Life - Overall: So I've gotten into a car crash, got a new car, been dealing with personal health and it's been quite the rollercoaster ride for me so far. Sadly, it's not over, but with just the love and support from friends and family I've been in a good space for now.

Social Media - Has been maintained for the most part. I try to keep them updated when I can. By all means; check the other links to see what's been updated, usually things are posted weekly on Wednesdays for sure.

For now thanks for reading this lil bear rant, be sure to check out my twitter [ ] for any up-to-date agendas, such as livestream announcements, random thoughts & such or my instagram [ ] for some views of my SoCal life, food & art.

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