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When I strive to be my best today and be a little better than yesterday.

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CherBear's Thoughts: Happy New Year 2022

Hello all!

Wow, my last shared thoughts were in June 2021. Life has a funny way of reminding me its never that easy & that also time can not be kind.

Gaming - Audition Online NA server : Redbana has been going through some ups & downs, while I also am playing on Audition MoveOn : PVS & participated in Audition Galaxy (Private NA server) - the new ppl I've met, the ones who have stuck around have stuck around so far, others seem to have faded away & ones who reappear out of the blue has been...surprising to say the least. The age old question, what games am I playing currently? I have been coming & going with WoW: Shadowlands, just seems hard to keep my attention but I feel soon I may have to drop the game again, I've paused playing Genshin Impact and FF14. In the world of Switch; I've been going strong playing Tetris 99, been livestreaming - Pokemon Shining Pearl, on occasion, Pokemon Snap & Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Been keeping myself mentally preoccupied with a group of mobile games too so least to say my mind has been kept active thankfully.

Art - New goal / hopefully reachable resolutions; try to complete my art commissions. I've been sitting on two, working on one & picked up another one. This has been throwing into an ever pending updated commission pricing w/ the amount of commission tips that allowed me to adjust my pricing accordingly. Reason I had sat on the remaining 2 commissions is only because it allowed me to justify keeping the commission price where it is now, once its completely cleared, I feel then picking up any commissions after that will allow me to charge them at the new commission price sheet, can I or will I make it? Well it gives me the excuse of commission me now before it gets a lil more pricier for sure! Who knows, that is one reachable new year's resolution, other than that diving into understanding Clip Studio Art, I've feel I've produced my best yet & last but not least, animation maybe? It seems very reachable but I am at least setting my standards here.

Life - After finishing up treatments; I've been willing to open up with my situation but I feel that should be approached on a one on one basis. I've been healing & slowly trying to get back to a normal routine, cleaning up my room & sorting, oof that took a total mess due to me being out. Granted there's some unfortunate things happening as well personally with the gains there are losses & unfortunately with that starting the new year I can't help but wonder what else will happen as 2022 starts up.

Social Media - Has been well uhm somewhat maintained for the most part. I try to keep them updated when I can. What really surprised me is my artist page on FB spiked: which I'm not complaining but still I dunno what that means. Anyways! By all means; check the other links to see what's been updated, usually things are posted weekly on Wednesdays or when its been convenient for me for sure.

For now thanks for reading this lil bear rant, be sure to check out my twitter [ ] for any up-to-date agendas, such as livestream announcements, random thoughts & such or my instagram [ ] for some views of my SoCal life, food & art.

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