Quick story time. by Mr_Zelox_Quo

Quick story time.


15 May 2016 at 05:59:14 MDT

Ended up checking back on a person who had blocked me, and been one of the several individuals who provided some inspiration for the last submission (SO HELP ME!).

Because, well, curiosity. I am a curious creature. Wanted to see if they had said anything else on the subject, and also to check out their art because they have a cool style. Heck their cool style inspired the style of SO HELP ME!. Really do rather like some of the linework and the way things flow.

Anyway, they had put up a journal. Not directly related to me, but most definitely inspired by the conversation we had had. They had linked people to the discussion we had had. The one where they had completely shut it down, even though things were just being discussed openly and without any aggression, anger or anything like that. You know, a legitimate discussion, like they had said they were fine with.

Sidetracked. Apologies. They had linked to the discussion that we had had, and the responses were very... interesting.

Apparently SO HELP ME! is 'hate art'. Also apparently, the people there have amazing mind reading powers, and knew everything about my mindset. Or at least, were talking like they did. Apparently I was 'upset' and only entered a conversation and discussion to 'get angry' to produce 'alt-right propaganda' for my page. Although all of this is patently false.

Very odd, very strange. But keeps on fitting in with what I have been observing and encountering.

The very far left (previously referred to as the 'progressive left' and now has the parody title imposed by viewers of their actions of the 'regressive left') cannot seem to cope with any alternate views. Even views from someone who is on the left, believes in personal liberties, personal bodily choice, freedom and is an egalitarian.

Social justice seems to shut down people's ability to reason or have an open discussion. If you have a differing opinion, then you are automatically a bad person.

Free speech is hate speech and all of that.

So, yeah, because I make art that follows my experiences, this art was made as a result. Very quickly, but was inspired by what was said on that page. No, am not going to link it, and no, am not going to link if you ask in notes or anything like that.

Anyway, very quick art, copic markers to ink, and a staedtler colour to add a little green.

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