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Memble ref by Mr.Gremble

Memble ref


It's a little hard to explain, but memble isn't really a character on its own, it is apart of gremble, being one of his many other doppelganging versions of himself
i should've waited until i made his others, but i couldn't resist IB;;;
made a new banner too btw :'I
i have a bit of an attachment to memble it seems
lets make a lil bio for him though just to give him a bit of background


Name: Memble
Doppelganger personality: Passive Aggression, Blinded Rage

-Known as the last Grem, or the "dynasty" grem, this doppelganger is rarely or never shown, being that if he is, then an apocalypse is probably near
-Oddly enjoys being pet behind the ears
-Never stare into his eyes

-long sparkled horn with a small halo on the tip
-long spread out ears that change colour to his mood
-a tail almost 3 times longer than his own body
-long fluffy fur that trails all the way down his back to connect to his tail
-three toes instead of four, lacks claws, but have gained hardness and great durability, making him able to scratch through most hard surfaces...or flesh

Memble (c) Mr.Gremble

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    I really like this concept. I think we all do it with our characters at some point but we never really put names to the emotional states that change them. I like the openness and candidness here. And I hope that Memble doesn't show himself too often for you. :c (though he's super cool ngl)

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      oh golly thank you kraine!! i spend too much time elaborating on these doppelganger dorks IB;;;
      i appreciate how much you enjoy him though uvu~

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    I really love his ears! It's really cool looking uwu

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      oh gosh thank you finch u/v///u

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    I wanna snuggle that tail holy wow

    I really like the fact that his ears change color depending on his mood and he looks so soft but still manages to look kind of intimidating
    the red eyes stand out really well <3

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      thanks kitsu!! <333
      i sort of wanted a bit of a mix of that, gentle looking, but could rip off an arm or two if you got too close I8
      glad you grasped that concept xD

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        he's majestic
        and majesty always comes with danger

        the ruff around his neck looks beautiful and gives him that look of a kiiiing