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Anti-Lynx - profile by Mrduhast

Anti-Lynx - profile



(Bio subject to change as character is in early stages of development)

Name: Anti-lynx

Personal name given to self: Lesser

Personal Quote:
“I am less than you, only deadly!”

Meaning: ‘Less’ refers to Anti-Lynx being mostly synthetic, even more so than Evay with less organics

Occupation: Android Infiltrator/ /hunter/killer

Design: Android class 2: 98% synthetic, 2% Organic (Brain tissue encased in a metallic skull)

Cloned flesh surrounds a metal endoskeleton

Outward Appearance: brown and tan lynx. Left cyber-eye has a red retina with similar chrome-steel rim around the eye, darker lips and red and green streaks in the hair.

Clothes: black/ dark-grey jeans, Goth appearance

Personality: When her personality program is installed, Anti-Lynx names herself philosophically as Lesser. Lesser is colder and more calculative than Cyber-Lynx, though when exploring the depths of who she is, does become fascinated with learning about the world around her. If Lesser gives herself a goal, she will do whatever she wants to achieve it.

Lesser’s personality chip makes her spontaneous and certainly carefree. Programming subroutines such as not attacking civilian populace keeps her morality issues in check… though if Lesser wants to experiment...will find ways to do so around her programming.


– Though possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of the furson anatomy, does become fascinated with how things work and may carry out her own experiments to learn firsthand, even if it gets messy.

– Will create her own fun that may end up with someday being hurt

– If she likes something that somebody has, like an earring…she may just cut off the ear just to examine the jewellery close up

Personal quote: “It’s amazing how floppy these things are…that’s cartilage for you…you want this back?”


Metachrosis: (physiological colour change)

– Lesser’s fur and hair, down to the individual follicle, can change colour.
This is used for urban camouflage, blending in as a random lynx/bob cat or impersonating her target the Cyber-Lynx for infiltration into her circle of friends. Additionally, Lesser enjoys this ability to put streaks in through her hair.

Jet propulsion: Similar to Evays but there are plans to upgrade her chassis to include more ports for greater propulsion

Voice manipulation:


Retractable wrist-blades:

– Can super-heat to pierce metal and can deliver an electrical shock


– Lesser’s laser can be finetuned to burn tiny holes with a very thin, super heated beam of energy

Ball bearing buck shot:

– Can fire small rubber balls like a buckshot out the palm of her hand, used more so for dispersing a crowd of civilian targets

– Lethal version involves metal ball bearings

Strengths/ Advantages over Cyber-Lynx:

– Strong enough to pick up a Chevrolet truck
– Little to no remorse of the lives of others
– Whole body is a an endoskeleton
– Is much more calculative
– Smart enough to take advantages such as using hostages if Lesser cared to
– Greater flight capabilities (In planning stage)
– Does not have eternal stomach organs to be damaged


– Does not possess Toxicity’s experimental liquid nanobot technology so healing skin is done so at a normal rate only
– Repairing internal non-organic components requires time
– Does not possess a subcutaneous metal skin (though does have Krang meteorite metal infused into the endoskeleton)

Key Mission priorities:

– Terminate or bring back Cyber-Lynx to Swift Tech
– Locate and retrieve Natalie or retrieve research on the liquid nanobots
– Secondary objectives: Study Cyber-Lynx’s close circle of friends

This great piece was drawn by   foxenawolf

So what do you guys think? I think I will be sleeping with the lights on.

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