Evay's dating advice by Mrduhast

Evay's dating advice


27 March 2015 at 08:02:39 MDT

“Well how about this one?” Tox the lioness asked, holding up a dress for Evay.

The lipstick and powdered Lynx fumed with a metallic clicking in her fingers as she squeezed her palms. She was so frustrated she could have foamed out the mouth and stormed off in a rant.


'What's wrong?" Tox inquired, if feeling a little shocked and hurt.

"DO I LOOK LIKE I WEAR DRESSES! Phantom can deal with my usual attire!"

"But...there filthy!"

"So's my mind!"

"Dating Phantom was your idea, Evay. I'll support any decision you make but...you said so yourself...you wanted to try this...wanted to show you care about making an impression...i know dresses and makeup are not your thing but...think of it like this, you live only once and get only one chance for first impressions. Give it some thought, I have others for you to try."

The lynx's shoulders sagged as she took a deep breath. "Okay...let's try this again."

A little sneak peak of a future project idea of Evay dating Phantom owned by   leafthornton What we have here is Evay wants to try something special for her date but this is way out of her comfort zone. She'd rather fight baddies, pummel thugs, eats hotdogs, fly around, be friend children, ... even maybe prefer being chased around by Strikira after doing something worthy of being screamed 'Cyber-Clutz, than try wearing dresses. But we will soo how Evay will go. Your thoughts? I think Tox is so cute and Evay too, grouchy maybe as well, ha ha.

This wonderful piece drawn by   bluwolf0