Road Block by MouseBoxers

Road Block


26 January 2018 at 21:00:48 MST

Been stuck at a creative impass, looking for the umami of aesthetic design in my work and only finding scattered pieces of a bigger puzzle.

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    sometimes its not all together! and thats okay. this artwork feels so comfortable to look at! : D

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      Thanks! It’s kinda that starving artist itch that’s gotten me recently, not in the literal sense though, more so in that I’m trying to find the next step, pizazz, or energy. It’s that craving to see something new or see what’s next, and to experiment with it all.

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        ohhhhhhhhh man if you have 13$ i'd highly recommend reading The Creative Habit...! my old textbook from my graduation year, this thing is a great source for finding out where to go next! it has some weird parts of it, and the author is definitely entrenched in her own history, so some parts of it need a grain of salt. but hey, what book is perfect? i still totally recommend this:

        this thing has all sorts of tried and tested mini-activities that can be made into a routine to help invigorate creative problems.

        and even if you don't give it a shot, i hope you find some ways to 'sneak up on your work' to catch it from a new perspective.

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          Picked up the book and it's a good read so far, thanks for the info!

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            good to hear !! have you tried... the egg exercize yet? :3c you may not have come across it it's alright. but. it's my fav when i'm bored! it tends to unlock some good humor.

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              :V the only thing I found researching online was a shading exercise, is that the one you were referring to? Otherwise its the first time I've heard of it.

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                ah.... nah this one isn't a drawing exercise, but a creative exercise. it'll be fun when you come across it! :D