Commissions (February 2016) by moult

Commissions (February 2016)


31 January 2016 at 15:36:26 MST

As of March 16th 2016, this round of commissions has closed. Thank you, everyone who took up the offer!

I’m opening for commissions in February!


Ligne claire inks, with the format and finish of your choice from the menu above. If there’s something off-menu that you’d like, just ask; I’ll let you know whether I can do it, and at what price.


No violence or explicit sex, but nudity, drug use and language are fine. Fetish subjects are okay as long as they respect the character and are in the realms of possibility. Browse my gallery for a general sense of my range. I reserve the right to (respectfully!) decline commissions, including for reasons I’ve not listed above. (Please note that my choosing not to draw something doesn’t imply disapproval; it’s more likely that I don’t think I can do it well.)


  1. To reserve a slot, send me a detailed description and/or reference of your character(s), the style you’d like it done in, and any other requests, by email to
  2. I’ll send you some preliminary sketches (they’ll be rough but demonstrate pose, composition, expression and so on) and confirm the price, and we’ll come to an agreement on what I’m about to draw for you
  3. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, and you’ll send me payment
  4. I’ll send you the full sketch; you can request one round of minor changes (i.e. ‘could you make their nose a bit bigger?’, not ‘can they be somewhere/something else entirely?')
  5. I’ll send you the completed piece (as a full-resolution TIFF and web-sized PNG), and post it to my galleries (unless you’d prefer me not to)


I’m opening eight slots to begin with, but if those fill up, I might make a few more available.

8 of 8 slots taken (as of March 16th 2016).

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