Uncle Kage & 2 Winestream Apr 25th 2015 Doodles by MothMonarch

Uncle Kage & 2 Winestream Apr 25th 2015 Doodles


26 April 2015 at 13:42:37 MDT

Shown larger than actual size since I have the tiniest handwriting. Some text rewritten to aid reading. :P

Many, many shenanigans were had last night. It was interesting to hear 2 discuss how he intentionally plays a "bad guy" to Kage's "good guy" as well as touching on the distinction between the characters they play and the people they are. There is an element of performance and "presenting a character" to being any kind of artist, I think; some more than others.

If I missed anything near the end of the stream, I hope you'll forgive me - a very unexpected thing happened. I was drawing one of the bottom doodles there and heard a soft crinkling noise from the other side of the room. I muted the computer and looked over there. It stopped. I went back, resumed watching the stream, and heard it again. Mute, silence, sound, crinkling. Finally I left the stream running and went over to discover that my eager little luna moth had begun kicking her way out of her pupa! She got a little stuck halfway through and needed assistance. By the time I was done helping her settle, the stream had ended. But I still have lots of doodles for you guys and the first healthy luna moth of the season to boot. :D

See you next time as long as it doesn't air while I'm at What the Fur!