NEW COSPLAY BADGES!! Theme 1: Time Travelers! by MothMonarch

NEW COSPLAY BADGES!! Theme 1: Time Travelers!


1 April 2015 at 17:12:36 MDT

Rolling out a new badge type right here, right now - the COSPLAY BADGE! See your 'sona in the role of a favorite character or theme, dressed for the part and cute to boot!

I'll be regularly offering new themes to inspire you - our first is "Time Travelers!" You can go outside the theme, though, or go back to an old theme even after I've changed it up. I'm not a stickler and want these to be fun!

TIME TRAVELERS can include anyone from any of your favorite time-and-or-space-faring media - be a Doctor or companion, or get in a different phone booth for an excellent adventure, or go Back to the Future! You can even come up with your own original time travel costume - whatever your heart desires!

This style of badge is only $35! These are digital and include a high-res file but can be printed & sent to you for a small shipping fee.

This is not a joke! I am super excited about these! Open for 'em RIGHT NOW. (You should especially get one if you're going to What the Fur, because reasons.)

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